Planar T* 1,4/50 ZF

Bright images even under
difficult lighting conditions

Lenses for large image format

Lens Cut

Lens Cut

With our ZF lenses, we offer high resolution image quality for technical and industrial applications. Carl Zeiss lenses for industrial applications are key components in complex production processes as well as in measuring tasks, quality assurance and many other applications. Here they prove their outstanding image performance, reliability and high quality.

Carl Zeiss ZF lenses are compatible with most industrial cameras. The F-Mount is a popular standard for high-resolution industrial cameras with large sensor sizes and for line scan cameras with sensors up to 43 mm. ZF lenses from Carl Zeiss are widely used in machine vision, automation, quality inspection, optical metrology as well as in Research and Development e.g. with High Speed cameras. Thanks to the large image format, our objective lenses are ideal for the constantly increasing use of high-resolution image sensors with bigger sensor formats. Due to the manual adjustment of the focus the helical focusing mount of ZF lenses are much more precise than usual focusing mounts. The Infrared Edition of ZF lenses are suitable for the use with special cameras like IR cameras without an IR blocking filter.
The transmission of ZF-IR lenses adds up to 70% at 1000 nm.

  • 13 Different Lens Types for 43 mm image size
  • Higher Aperture / Faster Lenses
  • Precise Focus
  • Optimum Imaging Results
  • Available with versatile camera mounts
  • Lenses are proven stress resitant

The video explains how a lens with fixing screws was tested regarding following norms:
DIN EN 60068-1: 1988-06
DIN EN 60068-2 Part 64: 2009-04
MIL-Std 810G

The Industrial Edition of ZF lenses are provided with lock screws for both the aperture setting and focus. Both the locking screws and the stable design make the lens inure to vibrations and improve measuring repeatability and avoiding machine downtime:

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