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자이스 코리아 뉴스

자이스 코리아 제 1회 'ZEISS Experience' 행사 개최

"자이스의 광학 세계를 경험하세요"

자이스 코리아 MMZ B, 측정 사례 소개- DST, 코리아 펀치

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보도 자료

ZEISS International
ZEISS Hosts World Premiere of Documentary to Build Eye Health Awareness

SIGHT – The Story of Vision premieres at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas

ZEISS at Photokina 2016: Photography Hands-on

Visitors to the exhibition can extensively test the camera lenses from ZEISS, including some of its new products

ZEISS Presents New Industrial Lenses

The optics group launches compact industrial lenses with a M42x1 mount that are even suitable for large sensors.

Telephoto lens for the ZEISS Loxia family

With the ZEISS Loxia 2.4/85, the optics company expands its compact lens family for mirrorless Sony full-frame cameras with E mount

ZEISS receives US FDA Approval for VisuMax SMILE vision correction procedure, the latest advancement in laser eye surgery

The Medical Technology Business Group of ZEISS announces the introduction in the US of the VisuMax

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