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KOBA - International Broadcast , Audio & Lighting Equipment Show

05/24/2016 - 05/27/2016
한국, Seoul

2016 ZEISS Korea Microscopy Workshop

06/01/2016 - 06/02/2016
한국, GUMICO, 경북 구미시 

자이스 코리아 뉴스

자이스 코리아 제 1회 'ZEISS Experience' 행사 개최

"자이스의 광학 세계를 경험하세요"

자이스 코리아 MMZ B, 측정 사례 소개- DST, 코리아 펀치

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보도 자료

ZEISS International
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Records Revenue Growth of 8.6 Percent

Earnings per share and EBIT increase/forecast for fiscal year specified in more detail

ZEISS introduces Fast acquisition mode for ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan

Upgrade enables confocal superresolution imaging with four times the speed and improved signal-to-noise ratio

ZEISS on Course to Further Growth

Programs for increasing efficiency bear fruit

New confocal microscope ZEISS LSM 800 for materials research and failure analysis

All essential light microscopy contrasting methods and high precision 3D topography in a single instrument

Systematic Quality Assurance

The ZEISS Car Body Solutions process chain offers multi-faceted solutions in the production flow

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고대의 미술 작품 분석, 오스카상을 이끌어 낸 렌즈, 확대 망원경, 초경량 검사 장비 등 자이스가 만들어가는 멋진 세상을 함께 경험해 보세요.

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