Telecentric Visionmes Lenses

Outstanding image performance and extremely low distorsion

Telecentric Visionmes Lenses

Every single lens is manufactured in Germany and quality tested with the accuracy you can expect from ZEISS.

Every single lens is manufactured in Germany and quality tested with the accuracy you can expect from ZEISS.

ZEISS VISIONMES lenses are developed for crucial measuring tasks in industry and feature telecentric optics. For optical metrology at high precision telecentric optics are essential. With this type of objective lens the light is parallel over the whole object field and the image size will remain the same even if the objects position would vary.
ZEISS offers telecentric lenses with outstanding image performance and extremely low distorsion for the purpose of imaging and/or measuring objects up to 300 mm diameter.

  • Features

    Measuring Excellence:

    • excellent Performance due to Highly Precise Fabrication
    • good for 3 µm Pixel Pitch
    • graduated Object Fields up to 300 mm

    Due to the special construction it is not possible to move lens groups to re-focus. You can use the lens only at the specified distance and magnification. The front lens has to have the same diameter as your objekt size.

  • Available lens types
  • Illumination Module

    Telecentric Visionmes Module (TVM)

    TVM is a illumination module for telecentric lenses and matches perfectly with ZEISS Visionmes lenses for an object field of 70 mm. It features highly parallel and homogeneous illumination exactly fitting to the telecentric ZEISS lenses (VM 70/11/0,1 and VM 70/8/0,1. Due to its high parallelism* diffraction at the edges is nearly prohibited and the exact detection is considerably improved. As the TVM is designed to be robust and shows several machine seating surfaces it proves to be - in combination with a 70 mm Visionmes lens - an ideally tuned module featuring illumination and objective lens you can easily integrate in your metrology solution.

    *The angle to the optical axis is less than 0.1°


Several lens types are only manufactured upon request and with a minimum volume. Please ask always for availability and price.

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