Carl Zeiss Lenses for SLR Cameras - Camera Mounts

The manually focusable Carl Zeiss SLR lenses are available with EF bayonet (ZE), F bayonet (ZF.2), K bayonet (ZK) and the M42 screw threads (ZS). The possibilities of using scene programs, different types of exposure metering and individualized functions can be varied depending on the camera model.

ZF.2 Lenses

Lenses with F mount equipped with AI-apperture coupling and CPU


ZE Lenses

Lenses equipped with an EF bayonet for EOS cameras from Canon


ZK Lenses

Lenses with K bayonet for cameras from Pentax or Samsung


ZS Lenses

SLR lenses with M42 screw thread to use with adapters on different SLR camera models.


ZF Lenses

available only for industrial applications:

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