7 digital opportunities
for continuing your education

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7 digital opportunities for continuing your education

Digitalisation enables us to learn anything – whenever and wherever we want. We have prepared seven examples to show you how it’s done.

Digitalisation opens up a wealth of opportunities for us to learn something – anytime and anywhere. Visual content can be accessed from your smartphone or laptop at any time. Below are seven easy ways to learn something new.

Apps for language learning

People choose to learn a new language for a host of different reasons. Some are interested in a particular culture while others do so to communicate with their partner. In the age of apps like Babbel, this has become a whole lot easier. Vocabulary and compact units usually feature visual content so that terms can be learned in relation to actual objects.

Apps zum Sprachen lernen


We’ve all been there: situations in which an everyday problem requires a quick fix. Thanks to video tutorials, help is normally just a few clicks away – after all, these days there’s hardly a challenge that isn’t covered by a tutorial. The best thing of all? These short films are excellent visual tools for helping solve problems.



Can you image a world without podcasts? Didn’t think so. Whether it’s a monologue, dialogue or a major meeting, there’s a tremendous amount of podcasts out there, on both serious and humorous topics – and they’re great for listening to when on the go.


Online courses

Many universities and colleges now offer them, and some have even created their own dedicated platforms. In-depth online courses make it possible to attend lectures and consult materials – making them perfect for those who want to delve into a specific topic over time.

Sprachsteuerung ­ Siri, Alexa und Co.

Learning apps for kids

A wide selection of learning apps for kids of all ages is now on offer around the world. As digital devices are now part and parcel of an adult’s everyday life, kids should be exposed to the digital world one step at a time – and the best way to do that is through playful apps that also teach the little ones a thing or two.

Lern-Apps für Kinder

Learning codes

Programming: it sounds like such a tricky skill to learn that many don’t even bother trying. But thanks to all the apps out there today that help you learn how to code step by step, the task even becomes fun! What’s more, you can even get the hang of some of the tricky aspects of programming.

Virtual Reality


This kind of learning is suitable for both kids and grown-ups: facts and connections are highlighted through documentation, and presented in an appealing way. This means your new knowledge will stick.


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Education is becoming ever more digital. We enjoy almost limitless access to knowledge. What challenges does digitalisation spell in terms of our visual behaviour?


These days, digital technologies are an integral part of learning and trying out new things.


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