The right spectacle lenses for your lifestyle

Not all spectacle lenses suit everyone. Clearly. Depending on your individual lifestyle ZEISS offers always the right lens solution. But how does ZEISS find out, which lens option is the best for you? By asking you the right questions.

That is why ZEISS has developed the digital tool My Vision Profile to analyze your general habits and needs and also your vision habits. The tool especially assesses different direct influences on your eyes like the time you look at different screens during the day.

My Vision Profile

Determine your personal visual habits now and find your individualised lens solution.

My Vision Profile by ZEISS simply shows you with what challenges your eyes are confronted in modern life. In the end you will receive a recommendation - free of charge and without obligation - of what ZEISS lens solution is the right one for you.

Check your Vision Profile now!

If you are not convinced yet, find out how our analysis tool has helped Tom to choose the right spectacle lenses for his lifestyle.

Tom is living in Berlin, works as a teacher and loves watching movies. This challenges his eyes in different ways. As he wanted to learn more about which of his habits are stressful for his eyes, we took the My Vision Profiler test with him and talked about the results.

The right spectacle lenses for your lifestyle

Tom, your vision profile states clearly: Digital Native. Would you describe yourself as a Digital Native?
Definitely. I grew up playing video games, I have been using smartphones for the last decade and cannot imagine my everyday life without digital media.

The right spectacle lenses for your lifestyle

How much time do you spend looking at screens on a typical day?
A huge part, honestly. I love movies, so I'm streaming them from the web every day. In addition to that I am into photography and like to edit my photos with different apps. I also enjoy gaming. While I used to play video games, nowadays I am using my smartphone. When working, I am also using digital media a lot: I am a teacher, so I am researching, communicating with my students via e-learning programs and using the smartboard in the classroom.

The right spectacle lenses for your lifestyle

So you're a heavy user. Are there even moments when you do not use your phone?
I don't use it when watching movies in the cinema - out of politeness and because I want to enjoy the whole experience of course. When spending time with family and friends, I also leave my smartphone in my pocket.

What about moments in which you notice the physical aspects of using digital devices all day long?
Of course after a long day spending time in front of screens, I suffer from neck pain. My eyes are also stressed. But as this only comes at night, most of the time I will just go to bed.

Are there any areas in your life where you could replace digital media with analogue alternatives?
When teaching, I could of course use the good old chalkboard instead of the smartboard. But I think it's important to use new media while teaching to be up to date and communicate with my students , so I would prefer not to. What I could actually change is the amount of streaming movies and TV shows. That's why I try to go to the cinema as often as possible. I mean, this is not an analogue way of watching a movie, but a whole different experience for my eyes, so I guess that counts.

The right spectacle lenses for your lifestyle

Would you recommend trying the Vision Profiler?
Definitely. Just thinking about the actual screen time in my work and leisure time while answering the questions was incredibly important to raise awareness to how much I really strain my eyes during the day. The nice design of the profiler is also a plus!

The right spectacle lenses for your lifestyle

And you can identify with the result?
Exactly. As I said before, I am a Digital Native through and through and live in the city. The recommended Digital Lenses would suit me. Some advice on how I can protect my eyes additionally would have been great.

The perfect glasses should be chosen based on the personal needs and lifestyle. This is why we recommend trying out the tool My Vision Profile on your own. Have fun!

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