ZEISS PiWeb 8.4: New Features

ZEISS PiWeb 8.4: New Features

Our latest software update offers a wide range of new features, improvements and additional customizable options, thereby facilitating easier and more efficient measurement processes.

Now available: Online Report Management

With the new web application, created reports can be stored and managed on the existing server infrastructure. These can then be opened and used or modified directly in the various ZEISS PiWeb applications. With Online Report Management, reports can be easily saved and shared via browser.

New features for interactive CAD elements

Additional tools are now available making it easer to integrate CAD models into reports and enable even better better visualization of data using interactive CAD models, e.g. with the new “flat lighting” function, which guarantees stable coloring, or the optimized positioning of features. This saves time and brings certainty when making critical decisions.

New features for advanced filtering, grouping and sorting

One of the most powerful tools in ZEISS PiWeb just got more powerful. From now on, user-defined variables can be defined by which measurements can be sorted and filtered. Further filtering and grouping functions are also available, e.g. grouping of individual measurements or measurement groups in measurement value tables.

Increased functionality with regular software updates

ZEISS PiWeb releases

ZEISS PiWeb transforms complex measurement data into meaningful visual results. Always working on the next breakthrough, we ensure state-of-the-art and future-proof systems through regular updates of the reporting and statistical analysis software.

Previous highlights

ZEISS PiWeb updates from the last releases

All ZEISS PiWeb updates deliver significant performance improvements and new features for a wide variety of applications. Updates improve operational simplicity, IT security and cater to individual customer needs.

New element for the generation of 1D & 2D Barcodes

A new element is now available for creating a variety of 1D & 2D barcodes directly in ZEISS PiWeb reporting. Use variables or a text to generate various types of barcodes, QR-codes or data matrix codes that can be used for example, to send information about quality data via WhatsApp, e-mails or to display the data in the ZEISS PiWeb app.

New notification features

Now users can easily manage notifications by setting rules for multiple parts instead of individual parts. Additionally, they can now apply rules to multiple users or groups of users to quicky set up notifications for departments or responsible users.

Powerful new data sorting and filtering tools

New functionality to filter data by using AND / OR logic allows an unlimited combination of possibilities. Additionally, data sets can be sorted multiple times to allow precise organization of data in tables and reports.

New features for ballooned drawings

New tools are available in ZEISS PiWeb monitor to better visualize the position of stamps by highlighting features and displaying the stamp so that users can see exactly which feature in the drawing requires attention. The stamp position can now also be changed in ZEISS PiWeb planner and ZEISS PiWeb designer. New dynamic elements for report generation are also available.

ZEISS PiWeb cloud Updates

New for current and prospective ZEISS PiWeb cloud customers, the ZEISS PiWeb Notifications module is now available for the cloud. PiWeb Notifications informs you specifically by e-mail or via the desktop application. Thus, you can be alerted to problems already during the manufacturing process.

Licence-free ZEISS PiWeb monitor functionality | Release 8.0

The license-free ZEISS PiWeb monitor offers users visualization of reports and measurement data. Interactive elements and detail view are deactivated for this functionality.

Interactive CAD tools | Release 8.0

ZEISS PiWeb 8.0 improves interactive and defect CAD views with customizable template flags. The flags visualize wide-ranging information about measured features. You can now define flag colors, labels, content and connecting lines to CAD points, as well as align and shift flags via drag & drop.

Grouped display & filtering of measurement data | Release 8.0

Measurement data can now be grouped, displayed in bar and pie charts and classified based on measurement status to enable users to create quick overviews like parts produced per shift, number of good or bad parts per lot number etc. The new filter functionality also allows to filter data based on measurement attributes, the status of characteristics, and based on values outside or within measurement tolerance limits.

Improvements for ZEISS PiWeb notifications | Release 8.0

New tools for administration of notification rules make it easier for users to configure notifications for other users. Users also have the ability to manage rules in the ZEISS PiWeb App. As we are still perfecting the module, ZEISS PiWeb notifications and all of the available improvements are still free of charge in ZEISS PiWeb 8.0.

Improved performance | Release 8.0

ZEISS PiWeb performance has been improved for loading reports that display data from several parts with a single, high-performance test plan query –thanks to the integration of a new endpoint on client and server side. As a result, ZEISS PiWeb monitor loading times decreased from 8:15 min to 7 seconds in a sample report. Performance increases will vary case to case.

ZEISS PiWeb notifications | Release 7.6

Developed for our customers’ needs and initially introduced free of charge, ZEISS PiWeb notifications provides active notifications based on user-defined rules. If quality rules are broken, for example if a measure-ment is out of tolerance or trending towards limits, users that subscribed to the rule are notified with details right away. Notifications are also available in the ZEISS PiWeb App.

ZEISS PiWeb App | Release 7.6

The ZEISS PiWeb App enables users to quickly access and assess their quality data, hence lowering the reaction time for countermeasures. ZEISS PiWeb notifications, which supports this process, has been improved to provide a list view and a detailed view of notifications as well as notification badges.

ZEISS PiWeb inline correlation | Release 7.6

Inline measurement devices and offline devices need to be correlated frequently to ensure accurate results. When deviations occur, ZEISS PiWeb inline correlation calculates offsets centrally and generates a file that can be exported to inline devices. This eliminates the need to transfer results between machines and upkeeps measurement accuracy.

ZEISS PiWeb cloud | Release 7.6

ZEISS PiWeb cloud opens up new possibilities: Purchase, configure and manage subscriptions online, and securely upload as well as store quality data in an Microsoft Azure cloud while using PiWeb modules locally with floating licenses. Thereby, you avoid upfront costs from hosting on-premise applications or database servers.

Up-to-date with our latest software improvements

Regular software updates are essential for future-proof processes. ZEISS software maintenance agreements guarantee quality in the long run through direct access to application know-how, dedicated software support and ongoing software updates as well as service packs – with reduced upgrade prices.

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