Metrology Solutions for Car Body Construction

ZEISS is a one-stop partner for systematic quality assurance in car body construction: From measurement and inspection technology to the fixtures up to quality data management and service. All products and services from ZEISS are compatible with each other – for maximum quality and productivity.

Inline inspection and robot guidance

3D inline inspection in the production cycle

Quality inspection must keep up with the fast pace of highly automated car body production. Robot-guided optical sensors from ZEISS measure and inspect all parts without interrupting the production cycle. The quality of selected characteristics can thus be monitored with almost no loss of time. Networking with ZEISS PiWeb opens up entirely new potential to use the quality data in a smart factory.


Fast measurements near production

With its combination of high-performance optical and tactile sensors ZEISS CALENO ensures maximum productivity and precision.

Coordinate Measuring technology in the measuring room

Maximum precision in the measuring room

If large parts, assemblies or mounted car bodies need to be inspected comprehensively and highly precisely, there is just no getting by the measuring room. The ZEISS portfolio ranges from fixtures to flexibly configurable measuring machines, optical and contact sensors, measurement and quality data software, up to a global service offering.

More Car Body Solutions from ZEISS

Big data. Big opportunities.

ZEISS Software for car body construction

The intelligent use and networking of all types of process data is adriving, future-oriented subject that offers great potential for quality improvements and increased efficiency. In this regard, the demands on IT structures and software are also growing. ZEISS supports car body manufacturers with a holistic, networked service offering – that is being enhanced on an ongoing basis.

ZEISS Software Solutions

Standardized quality. Infinite flexibility.


The ZEISS CARFIT modular system has become the international standard for the manufacture of fixtures and inspection equipment. The wide range of available components and their combination possibilities covers an extremely large number of applications. All standard ZEISS CARFIT components are modular, compatible with each other and can be delivered on short notice.

Fixture Systems from ZEISS